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Centers for the Behaviorally Challenged

The Vista, our center for the behaviorally challenged, was developed to respond to the needs of those individuals with mild to moderate dementia and other behavioral challenges. These secured units are dedicated both in design and services to caring for this specialized segment of the long term care community. The goal of our specially trained staff is to deliver care and services with patience and innovation, while promoting communication with these special individuals.


In addition to a unit director, Concord Care Centers have organized a group of nurses, nurse aides and activities personnel who are specifically assigned to their behavior units. This staff is provided with training sessions on interaction with the unique population in the units. Our staffing ratio of caregiver to resident within the unit allows for greater personal attention and monitoring. Residents may choose their psychiatrist. Transportation to medical appointments is provided.

In order to determine whether or not they are appropriate for placement in the unit, potential residents are assessed prior to admission based on their history of treatment and conditions as well as on current behaviors. The assessment includes a personal meeting with the individual. If admitted, a plan of care is developed to address their specific behaviors. The plan of care includes activities programs tailored to the needs of the individual. Periodic reassessments are made during their stay and upon any change of condition. As always, families or legal representatives are invited to participate in the care planning process.

Individuals are considered for admission or for transfer from within the facility into the unit if they meet the following criteria:

  • The individual has a mental health diagnosis.
  • The individual exhibits anti-social behavior.
  • The individual is at risk of harm to him/her self in a traditional custodial setting.
  • The individual is an elopement risk, requiring a secured unit.


We are unable to meet the needs of individuals with severe dementia or violent behaviors. Examples of service limitations include but are not limited to:
  • The individual exhibits violent behavior.
  • The individual is actively homicidal or suicidal.
  • The individual has a history of or displays sexual aggression.
  • The individual is undergoing drug or alcohol detoxification.
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